On Saturday May 4, Floyd Mayweather is set to step inside the ring for the first time in a year.

The boxer last defeated Miguel Cotto on May 5, 2012 but hasn’t competed since. He completed an 87-day jail sentence in the summer and is looking to hand Robert Guerrero just his second ever loss.

The upcoming fight is for the WBC Welterweight title and will draw millions of dollars, but it’s not the bout that fans have been clamoring for. A potential battle between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao has been teased for years, but seems more unlikely to happen as each day passes.

Mayweather has taken a lot of the blame for the fight never taking place. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, the Mayweather defended himself.

“I called Manny Pacquiao, myself, on the phone, and offered him $40 million,” Mayweather told Smith. “This is before the Marquez fight. Offered him $40 million. I told him I would wire you $20 million within 48 hours. He told me ‘I want 50/50,’ and got off the phone.”

The most recent sticking point in negotiating a fight has been how the two boxers would split the money that the Pay-Per-View would draw. Pacquiao has demanded half of the revenue, while Mayweather refuses to split the money evenly.

Since the fight may never happen, Mayweather has been accused of ducking a potential bout with Pacquiao. The undefeated boxer says that’s not the case.

“I’m not scared of no fighter. And I feel that, where was this guy at when I was dominating the sport of boxing in ’98, ’99, in ’96. This guy was never heard of. This guy just popped up out of nowhere, walking through the biggest and the strongest fighters, and this guy come from 105. Are you serious?“

Mayweather also denied ever accusing Pac-Man of taking performance- enhancing drugs. He claimed he just wanted to make sure a fight would happen on an even playing field.

Pacquiao’s next fight will be against either Mike Alvarado or Brandon Rios.

After Mayweather fight against Guerrero, he plans to fight on September 14. An opponent for that date is unknown.