• Manny Pacquiao dismissed the idea of fighting behind closed doors
  • Pacquiao proposed the "New Normal Law" in the Philippines
  • The Philippines continues to record new cases of COVID-19

Manny Pacquiao as the Senator of the Philippines has been busy extending help to his countrymen during the COVID-19 crisis. But Pacquiao as the sportsman is a completely different character right now: a dejected athlete who would rather not talk about the growing possibility of staging boxing events inside empty arenas.

On a quick video chat with the Manila Bulletin on Tuesday, the eight-division world champion gave a cold shoulder on the idea of him fighting with no fans in attendance.

“I don’t want to think about it,” said Pacquiao, who has always been used to fighting in front of a massive sell-out crowd.

A generational offensive talent, the Filipino sports icon combined his top-notch skills set with an innate charisma in forming an equation that brought legions of fans into the arenas where his fights were set.

But just like the new bill he proposes in the Philippine Senate, it looks like Pacquiao will have to adjust himself to the “new normal” in the boxing world as well.

“I never thought this would happen,” lamented the 41-year-old.

Speaking of the proposed bill he named as the “New Normal Law”, Pacquiao suggested that modified social practices should be given emphasis as the country continues its battle against the Coronavirus.

“It's sad but we really must adopt new rules in the way we communicate face to face,” Pacquiao told CNN Philippines. He, however, clarified that the said bill is open for amendment once the Philippine government deems its measures as effective in “flattening the curve,” or a cure is made available.

“If the cure for COVID-19 will be discovered, the law can be amended and not totally abolished as there are some good proposals here like the provision on hand sanitizers (required in all restaurants and public restrooms,” Pacquiao added.

In addition, Pacquiao also suggests the creation of “Telemedicine” as a new and safer way of medical consultation for the Filipinos.

“(Telemedicine) will be less burden especially for the poor who don’t have money,” the future Hall of Famer said.

As of Thursday, the Philippines has recorded 6,981 positive cases of COVID-19, including a total of 722 recoveries and 462 deaths.

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Senator and boxing champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao gestures during a Senate committee hearing on Justice and Human Rights and on Extra Judicial Killing at Senate headquarters in Pasay city, metro Manila, Philippines on Oct. 3, 2016. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco