Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao was shocked by the amount of money his fellow world champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez makes.

Pacquiao has been widely regarded as a fighter who made sold out fights possible. All throughout his career, he has kept fans excited and even now that he's in his 40's, the eight-division title holder is still one of the highest paid fighters in the world.

However, in a recent brief interview with ESPN right in his very own home, Pacquiao seemed "shocked" over how much Alvarez makes. ESPN's Mauricio Pedroza and Heculez Gomez first asked the boxing legend about his thoughts on Alvarez's latest achievements, which Pacquiao had some good words to say about.

"Canelo, he did well in his last couple fights, he's a good fighter, a strong fighter," Pacquiao said.

Being a little dissatisfied with they have heard from Pacquiao, the hosts then followed it up by intending to know if Pacquiao agrees that Alvarez belongs to the top three best pound-for-pound fighters in the world today. "I believe so, he deserves that," Pacquiao agreed.

But what made Pacquiao's eyes pop, was when he learned about how much money Alvarez made in his current TV contract which reportedly amounted to $365 million for over 10 fights.

"How much? how much?" Pacquiao asked.

After being surprised, Pacquiao then appeared to be thinking and calculating for a couple of seconds until he finally asked the hosts to repeat how many fights did Alvarez did to earn such a tremendous amount of dollars.

"How many fights (did he do)?" Pacquiao wondered.

Pacquiao, still can not believe what he just heard, was then asked if Alvarez deserved that kind of pay. The fighting senator agreed that the world champion deserved it but also mentioned that it still depends on his opponent.

"I think so, it depends on his opponent," Pacquiao said.

Prior to this, Pacquiao was cornered by Fight Hub TV last January for a brief interview and was also asked about Alvarez. Pacquiao said Alvarez is "good" as well as his middleweight nemesis Gennady "GGG" Golovkin.

Alvarez and Golovkin were two of the best middleweight fighters in the world and shared the boxing ring twice. The first night went to a draw but the rematch was taken away by Alvarez when he managed to outscore Golovkin and won via decision.

Golovkin was the only fighter to warn Pacquiao that he should be careful on his next fight as he believed that one punch can change Pacquiao's life now that he is already in his 40's.

Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin
Will Gennady Golovkin follow Canelo Alvarez to DAZN? In this picture, Golovkin (R) punches Alvarez during their WBC/WBA middleweight title fight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 15, 2018. Al Bello/Getty Images