Colorado health officials want to ban marijuana-infused edibles like brownies, cookies and candy, the Associated Press reported Monday. The Health Department cited concerns that marijuana treats are “naturally attractive to children.” 

Colorado regulators met Monday to discuss a number of concerns about pot candy and treats. They have already put in place rules that require manufacturers to make it clear how much THC, the psychoactive ingredient, is in their products, according to the Associated Press. Washington has similar rules in place.

The Denver Police Department released a video earlier this month warning parents that regular candy and marijuana-infused candy can often look nearly identical and to be wary of pot candy and treats this Halloween. The video has been viewed nearly 63,000 times. Health workers, particularly in the Denver area, said they’ve treated a growing number of both adults and children who became sick after eating edible marijuana treats.

This latest meeting could lead to requirements on manufacturers to clearly label or color their products in a way that would make them clearly distinguishable as being infused with marijuana. Portions of the statement by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment can be seen via AP reporter Kristen Wyatt’s Twitter.

Colorado became the first state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana this year. Colorado voters made medical marijuana legal in 2000.