Matt Harvey
New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey made an awkward appearance on "The Dan Patrick Show," refusing to talk about his Tommy John surgery and repeatedly delivering a pitch for Qualcomm. Wikipedia Commons

When radio host Dan Patrick invited New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey onto “The Dan Patrick Show,” he expected to discuss the 24-year-old’s elbow injury and possible Tommy John surgery. Unfortunately, Harvey was much more interested in delivering a pitch for Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM).

Harvey, 24, recently revealed that he planned on rehabbing the slight tear in his ulnar collateral ligament rather than opting for Tommy John surgery (in which the ligament is replaced by a tendon from elsewhere in the body), and was presumably asked to appear on “The Dan Patrick Show” to discuss that decision. But when Patrick attempted to ask him about his opinion on the surgery, the radio interview took an awkward turn.

“It’s kinda weird. … I mean, every pitcher can relate to [Tommy John surgery]. But I think I did all those answers yesterday, and maybe about the appropriate time we can talk a little more about that. But obviously today is about Qualcomm,” Harvey told Patrick.

When a surprised Patrick asked Harvey why he didn’t walk to talk about Tommy John surgery, the Mets pitcher again turned the focus of the conversation toward Qualcomm. “Today, we’re honoring and supporting Qualcomm,” Harvey said.

With Harvey refusing to answer his questions about the elbow injury, Patrick allowed the 24-year-old time to give his pitch for Qualcomm’s telecommunications services. As Harvey hung up, Patrick asked his producers if Harvey or his representatives had mentioned any aversion to talking about the pitcher’s elbow situation before the interview began.

“Did Matt know what we were going to talk about? I’m not having [Harvey] call in to talk about Qualcomm,” Patrick said. The producer was equally surprised by Harvey’s unwillingness to talk about anything but the company. “Nothing was said about any [topic] being off limits.”

"My job is not to do an infomercial for [Qualcomm]," Patrick said after the interview. "The reason I'm having him on, and he should understand this, is because he's opting not to have Tommy John surgery. And I don't care how many questions you asked yesterday for the New York media, this is for the national media."

This isn’t the first time that Harvey has been involved in PR faux pas. The 24-year-old pitcher came under fire in July after making controversial comments during an interview with Men’s Journal. During the interview, Harvey discussed his desire to emulate Derek Jeter’s love life, as well as to focus on hobbies other than baseball. “Baseball is my job, and I love it,” told Men’s Journal, “but it can’t be the only thing I’ve got going on.”

Harvey’s awkward interview with Patrick can be heard below, courtesy of “The Dan Patrick Show.”