Would you still eat a McDonald’s burger and fries that look so delectable if you knew it was served 10 years ago? A super fan of the fast-food chain wanted to preserve both the burger and the fries, and so he kept them in pristine condition inside a glass case.

The burger and fries that a fan kept in Iceland are now popularly known as the “indestructible” McDonald’s meal. Since it was served in 2009, it did not show any signs of decay. There is no mold, and it can easily make you think like it’s fresh out of the oven.

Meet the Super Fan

According to NYPost, three of McDonald’s stores closed in Iceland. One man, Hjortur Smarason, made a resolve to purchase the last burger and fries that McDonald’s will serve. His purpose was to ensure that it would live on even after the stores were shut down.

Smarason said that he heard “McDonald’s never decompose.” So he simply wanted to see if what he had heard was true or not.

McDonalds' Big Mac
McDonalds' Big Mac REUTERS

Fast forward to present 2019, exactly 10 years after the acclaimed indestructible McDonald’s meal was cooked and served, and one could see that they didn’t “age” at all. If you want to get a glimpse of this famous meal, you can do so by checking out the live stream of the burger.

The Journey of the Indestructible Meal

While many see it today behind a glass case at the Snotra House, which is a hostel located in southern Iceland, this hasn’t always been the case. Initially, Smarason stored it in his garage, inside a plastic bag.

Three years passed, and he decided to donate it to the National Museum of Iceland, noticing that there was barely a change in the meal’s physical appearance. The museum, however, returned the burger and fries to Smarason because they decided that they didn’t have the means to preserve it.

Smarason, however, stated that the burger “preserves itself.” It was kept in another hostel thereafter until it finally resided in its current location.

According to the hostel owner of the burger’s current address, people from all over the world would come over just to see the indestructible McDonald’s meal. On the other hand, the website that livestreams the burger receives approximately 400,000 hits daily.