Fast food giant McDonalds said today its chains around the world are taking green measures to cut electricity consumption, supporting the development of biodiesel and cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

McDonalds said on its 2009 Global Best of Green highlights that some of its chains in France, for example, use an interactive software EcoProgress which translated into savings of 11 percent in electricity during the first quarter.

In South America, McDonald's has partnered with local organizations to deliver used oil for its transformation into biodiesel in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. McDonald's says about 1 million liters of oil have been delivered to date.

In Asia, McDonalds Japan is joining a government program to cut carbon emissions. Certain restaurants offer discounts to customers who register in a program called Team Minus 6 percent which cuts 1 kilogram of individual carbon emissions a day.

As for the United States, the chain said it received a gold certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in April 2009 for opening a pilot green restaurant in Chicago which will help for the design of future restaurants.