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  • A former Meta recruiter revealed she was paid $190,000 a year amid the company's hiring slowdown
  • She said Meta was not happy about her TikTok videos discussing her experience at the company
  • Other TikTok users shared similar work experiences

As Facebook's parent company continues to lay off thousands of its workers in a restructuring move, a former Meta recruiter claimed that she was paid six figures to do "nothing" at her job.

Former Meta employee Maddie, whose TikTok handle is @maddie_macho, opened up about her experience working at the tech company in a recent video on her account.

She revealed that she worked at Meta for around six months in 2021 and had a salary of $190,000 a year. However, during her time there, the company wasn't hiring any new employees.

"We weren't expected to hire anybody for the first six months, even the first year," Maddie said in the video, which was titled, "Getting paid $190k to do nothing at Meta." "That really blew my mind. Like 'perfect, I'm just going to ride this out for a year.' Obviously, I didn't make that."

Maddie said they were conducting "so many" team meetings even though she and the other recruiters weren't bringing in new people to the company.

"Why are we meeting? We're not hiring nobody. Just to hear how everyone else isn't hiring anybody. And also, I was on a team where everyone was new, so none of us were hiring anybody," Maddie said.

The former Meta employee also revealed why she was fired from the company in another TikTok video.

Maddie said her fellow Meta employees discovered her TikTok account after her video explaining the company's benefits package went viral. The Meta workers told her that they loved her content.

However, she claimed that her bosses at Meta weren't happy about some of the TikTok videos she made about the company and even asked her if her content was "appropriate."

Maddie quit her job at Meta a day before her boss fired her.

Some TikTok users reacted to Maddie's Meta videos, with one calling her work experience "wild."

Other users said they could relate to Maddie's Meta experience, with one claiming that they earned $80,000 as an Amazon recruiter even though they didn't hire anyone.

Last week, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that there would be another round of massive layoffs in the coming months.

Zuckerberg said the company aims to reduce its workforce by around 10,000 and close another 5,000 open positions that have not been filled.

"Here's the timeline you should expect: over the next couple of months, org leaders will announce restructuring plans focused on flattening our orgs, canceling lower priority projects, and reducing our hiring rates," Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg added that the latest layoffs would affect Meta's recruiting team, tech roles and business positions.

In November 2022, Meta decided to let go of 11,000 staffers as the tech industry tried to navigate strong economic headwinds.

Meta's financial statement for the fourth quarter revealed that it incurred $25.7 billion in expenses, a 22% jump from the same period in 2021.

For 2022, Meta's full-year expenses reached $87.6 billion, a 23% increase from $71.7 billion in 2021.

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