A Mexican mockumentary video that is made by children depicting the political, social and cultural degradation of the country has gone viral in the internet, gathering more than three million hits in three days.

The mock drama has child actors portraying politicians, criminals, business men taking bribes, killing and looting in the country. It is a powerful visual presentation of the violence ridden Mexico with flawless acting by the children. The video, titled NiñosIncómodos (Discomforting Kids), shows a mock Mexico made up of only children and ends with a message to the presidential candidates. Mexican presidential election is July 1.

The four-minute video showing children smoking, drug trafficking, showering bullets on rivals has got sharp reactions in the internet. Comments are being made for and against the video. Many viewers felt that the documentary produced by a foundation and universities depict a true picture of the country where drug mafia and corrupt politicians and officials are exerting control. While several others have said the video is damaging and abusive.

Here are some of the reactions.

Nayarita05 : Mexico is a great country that fallen into the hands of mediocre governments for over 50 years. As a Mexican I am ashamed and angry.

Ferod8utub : Congratulations to the creative ... the video seems like a great way to continue to worsen Mexico's reputation abroad ... all who have lived in Mexico know or have experienced any of these scenes are the worst. Maybe we should propose alternatives to more positive and show scenes of how things should be

Dostrenes23 : very good message but personally I do not think good idea to use children to reflect the reality that we all know by heart do not f**k. and if you also think the 3 is not 1 ... And to think that leadership is more popular and is the most inept EPN ...

Jessieeselene: if you are right! but so we know that either they know everything i shown in the video is TRUE!

Raveinkabul : Those who see this video and are unable to realize how manipulative it is: are the audience for this farce worthy. Just the video call to cancel the vote (in a manner that favors the candidate with an advantage per se, in this case Peña Nieto). Do not you see? Really? So we're screwed, unable to do analysis.

Maskteste: Very good video. Really like it is. Not exaggerated at all. Hahahaha. Deputy sleeping. Hahaha. The sad thing is that it is. F**king useless just go to sleep and fight each other. Hundreds of proposals on the table unresolved. Out those lazy corrupt.