Ukraine has contended with political corruption since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent scramble for power and money. The U.S. even called it a "kleptocracy," or a government run by thieves.

For many Ukrainians, the now ex-president Viktor Yanukovych embodied that corruption. Photos emerging from Yanukovych’s personal estate confirm his involvement in a perpetual machine of Ukrainian corruption.

They also confirm rumors of Yanukovych’s lavish lifestyle. Evidence of his corruption becomes more and more tangible as the public makes its way through the 343-acre, $100 million estate called Mezhyhiria. The hashtag #mezyhyhiria is being used for anything related to the estate.

Ukrainians have found evidence that Yanukovych's people rather haphazardly disposed of documents:

Watch out for fakes: These photos are circulating but do not come from the Mezhyhiria estate, athough in a strange way we really wish the golden-lion toilet was Yanukovych's: