MH17 Train
Armed pro-Russian separatists stand guard as monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and members of a forensic team arrive to inspect a train, containing the remains of victims from the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, at a railway station in the eastern Ukrainian town of Torez July 21, 2014. The head of a Dutch forensic team said on Monday a train, carrying the remains of victims from the Malaysian airliner crash, should set off later on Monday to a place where "we can do our work". Reuters

A train of refrigerated box cars carrying the bodies of more than 200 people killed in the Flight MH17 crash experienced a power outage.

The cooling system on the train used to store and transport the victims’ bodies shut down after a power outage Sunday night, according to Associated Press, permeating the Torez train station with a noticeable smell of decomposition. The system was restored by Monday morning and the train is expected to leave the station by Monday night.

Investigators have so far found the bodies of 272 of the 298 passengers and crew members killed when a surface-to-air missile struck the Boeing 777-200 as it traveled from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Monday. Pro-Russia separatists continue to limit access to the crash site, located near the city of Donetsk.

Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that the nation’s investigation into the incident had uncovered “powerful” evidence that Russia had aided the rebels who are believed to be responsible for shooting down MH17. Officials believe that a BUK mobile missile launcher was used to down the plane.

"What we have is a lot of evidence that points in the direction, that raises very, very serious questions, including the fact that a few weeks ago, we have 150-vehicle convoy coming from Russia, going into the east of Ukraine with tanks, artillery, multiple rocket launchers, armored personnel carriers, turned over to the separatists," Kerry said, during an appearance on CBS’ “Face The Nation.”

"We know that there are Russians who are leaders of the separatists. Some, not all. Some. And we know that the Russians have armed the separatists, trained the separatists, support the separatists, and have, to date, not publicly called on the separatists to stand down or to be part of the solution."

In addition, U.S. intelligence also obtained video of the rocket launcher, thermal imagery that showed the moment the missile was fired, phone calls in which militants allegedly took credit for the attack and revealed a cover-up at the MH17 crash site, AP reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied that his nation was involved in the attack, and he reiterated that claim on Monday. He said that Russia is actively attempting to open the crash site for U.N. investigators, and criticized Ukraine’s escalation of its ongoing conflict with pro-Russian separatists.

"We can say with confidence that if fighting in eastern Ukraine had not been renewed on June 28, this tragedy would not have happened," Putin said. "Nobody should or does have a right to use this tragedy for such mercenary objectives."