The Los Angeles Coroner's Office has released its autopsy report on journalist Michael Hastings, who died June 18 in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles at the age of 33.

Read the full text of the coroner's report below:

Michael Hastings' Autopsy Report

Michael Hastings' death was ruled to have resulted from "traumatic injuries" sustained in the horrific car crash that likely caused "instantaneous death," according to the autopsy report.

The coroner's office's official opinion on Hastings' cause of death states that "the cause of death was massive blunt-force trauma consistent with a high-speed front-end impact," and that his "death was very rapid, within seconds."

Toxicology tests mentioned in the report showed that Hastings had drugs in his system when he died, but that they were not believed to have been a factor in his passing.

The drug use was "unlikely contributory to death," a coroner's office summary of the autopsy report said. "A small amount of Methamphetamine and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was detected. Levels indicate prior but not recent usage. Carbon Monoxide level was consistent with instantaneous death."

The autopsy report lists the many injuries Hastings sustained when he crashed his Mercedes into a tree on a residential L.A. street, which include a number of broken bones, charred flesh, extensive hemmorhaging, lacerations and contusions.