People dressed as zombies dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Reuters

Protests come in many shapes and sizes. Self-immolation sparked the Arab Spring across North Africa, while unrest in Greece has taken the form for strikes and clashes with state police.

But students in Chile have taken to spontanious dance as their tool of social activism.

University students in Santiago organized a flash mob in the city's Plaza de la Ciudadanía, a public square located next to Chile's presidential palace, in which they suddenly broke into a coreographed and costumed dance to Michael Jackson's immortan Thriller. The mob was intended to get the Chilean government to support a better educational system, which they say is currently rotten and dead (hence the Zombie makeup).

The students are not as coordinated as the Philippino prisoners who were forced to the do the dance, but their point comes across nonetheless.

A Reuters video of the dance gives a good perspective of how large the mob was.