• Michael Jordan's former agent, David Falk, weighed in on the different eras of the NBA
  • Falk said Jordan would average 60 points per game if he played in today's NBA
  • Jordan respects all NBA eras and insisted that it's hard to tell who the greatest player of all time is

Michael Jordan’s former agent, David Falk, thinks the basketball legend would have dominated today’s NBA and average 60 points per game with an incredibly high field goal percentage.

In a recent appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio, the world-renowned sports agent, who is best known for representing Jordan, discussed the different eras of the NBA. For Falk, if prime MJ played in the current era, he would still shoot the lights out every single game regardless of how loose or tight the opposing team’s defense is.

“I think if Michael [Jordan] played the game today, the way the defense is played or not played, I think he’d average 60 (points),” Falk said. “I think he’d shoot 75% from the floor.”

Falk was Jordan’s agent for the entirety of his NBA career, and the bond between the pair had strengthened over time. He said Jordan’s competitiveness hasn’t faded away and would still want to beat his former rivals.

“If you’d ask Jordan tomorrow ‘Would you ever wanted to play with like [Larry] Bird and Magic [Johnson]?’ He looks at you like you're on crack and say, ‘Not a chance in the world. I love those guys, I respected those guys but I wanted to kick their butt every night.’”

Despite his bold statement, Falk acknowledged that every NBA era is different and it is hard to compare players. As for comparisons with Jordan, the 70-year-old is convinced that the late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was the only player who came close to replicating MJ in almost all aspects.

“I think the closest player to me, to Michael, was Kobe [Bryant],” he said. “In terms of his intensity, his athleticism, and his burdened desire to win. And like Michael, until he went to the Wizards, played for one team (only).”

LeBron James is another NBA superstar often compared to Jordan. Some believe James has already exceeded MJ, but for the six-time NBA champ, it is not possible to determine who’s better as they played in different eras.

“We play in different eras,” Jordan said of comparisons with James in January. “He’s an unbelievable player. He’s one of the best players in the world, if not the best player in the world."

"I know it’s a natural tendency to compare eras to eras and it’s going to continue to happen," he continued. "I’m a fan of his [LeBron], I love watching him play. As you can see, our league is starting to expand on very talented players. I think he’s made his mark, he will continue to do so. But when you start the comparisons, I think it is what it is. It’s just a stand-up measurement. I take it with a grain of salt. He’s a heck of a basketball player without a doubt.”

9. Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan is so good at so many things that some of his strengths have been overshadowed.One of them is his raw power.Early in his career, he used it to dunk on all kinds of players. For such a skinny guy, the power he dished out was incredible.In mid career, Jordan’s power as a dunker peaked and he physically dominated and dunked on guards who were simply too weak and small.It was only later in his career that he developed and came to rely on his patented turnaround jumper. Reuters