Michael Schumacher 2015
Formula One champion Michael Schumacher's condition reportedly hasn't improved, leaving his wife Corinna to handle the family's massive finances. Reuters

Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher continues to face a long fight to recovery from his Dec. 2013 skiing accident. On Saturday, his wife Corinna reportedly sold his £25 million ($39 million) jet and other luxury assets may be sold next with his medical costs soaring.

Unable to move or speak, the seven-time F1 racing champion suffered severe head injuries while skiing in France, and after months spent in a medically induced coma Schumacher returned home to Switzerland where he’s cared for around the clock by a staff of 15.

Believing Schumacher's condition won’t improve and now in charge of her family’s finances, Corinna Schumacher decided on selling her husband’s jet, according to German magazine Bunte, cited by Daily Mirror. Corinna evidently is resigned to believe that her husband will never fly in the jet again, and also sold the family’s vacation home in Norway under the same pretenses. Corinna is also reportedly considering the sale of the family’s chalet in Meribel, France, the site where Schumacher sustained his injuries.

Schumacher, 47, has an estimated net worth of $780 million.

While skiing off-piste with his son at an unknown speed, Schumacher reportedly hit his head on a rock. Investigators later determined that Schumacher was trying to slow down before his ski hit a rock and he fell. His helmet, which was equipped with a camera that might have weakened it, also shattered on impact.

After undergoing two brain surgeries, Schumacher was placed in a coma at some point while at Grenoble University Hospital in France. Schumacher didn’t leave the hospital until June 2014, and two months later his family renovated their home to make it more accessible for his wheelchair and for his father Rolf to move in and help.

Since the accident, the Schumacher family and the racer’s representatives have employed an almost complete media blackout, leaving many to speculate on his condition.

Son Mick, the same one who skied with his father that fateful day, has taken to racing while his father rehabs. Over the course of three races in a two-day span, Mick Schumacher, 16, came in ninth place in his Formula Four debut on April 25, and the next day finished 12th before coming up with a victory.