Reigning world champion, Lewis Hamilton, has said he is not even close to Michael Schumacher's records. 

"I'm really so far away from his records. Michael's records are the summit of a huge mountain, and I'm still in base camp," Hamilton told before the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday. 

At the end of the ongoing 2019 season, Hamilton, who is chasing a sixth world drivers' title, would be just one title behind Schumacher, who is the record-holder with seven world championships.

Talking about the former Ferrari legend's records and numbers, Hamilton added, "The closer you get, the bigger your footsteps get. But of course I'm incredibly honored to be located in this category and I've made it so far. I grew up watching Michael, and what he did is just incredible."

Schumacher suffered serious head injuries in 2013 during a skiing incident in the French Alps. Ever since then the former Ferrari racer has been in a coma. He was first treated in hospitals but in the last few years, he has been undergoing treatment at his Geneva home. 

During his racing days, Schumacher possessed a very private personality despite being a huge celebrity and he never dragged his family into the limelight. In the same way, Schumacher's family have insisted to not reveal the racer's health and recovery updates regularly. The only fact known is that the former racer has been fighting every day for his life. 

Meanwhile, Mercedes clinched their record straight sixth Constructors' title Sunday but Hamilton could not seal the drivers' title after finishing third, behind winner Valletri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton was left fuming in Japan as the Briton criticized Mercedes' two-stop strategy. He thought he could have ended the race with just one pit stop. 

In order to win the world championship in the upcoming race in Mexico City, Hamilton will have to outscore his teammate, Bottas, by at least 14 points.