• A KO artist from Nigeria is being tagged as the new Mike Tyson
  • the "new Tyson" wants to fight bigger names in boxing
  • An undefeated boxer from London claims he can fight like Tyson

A heavyweight knockout artist is being dubbed by his fans as the new Mike Tyson.

U.S.-based Nigerian boxer Onoriode “Godzilla” Ehwarieme is a 6-ft-7 heavyweight KO artist with 17 wins and only one defeat. In his 17 wins, 16 came by way of knockout. This made it easy for his fans to compare him to Tyson, the original “Baddest Man on the Planet.” Apparently, they believe that the Nigerian has what it takes to rule the world as Tyson did during his glory days.

Ehwarieme started his boxing career in 2003. Nurtured with advice and help from one Efe Okitikpe, the native of Oghara in Delta State punched his way up to the top and now holds the WBF International heavyweight title.

In an interview with The Guardian, Ehwarieme revealed that his kickboxing background has significantly helped him win fights in pro boxing.

After securing his first title, Ehwarieme is now looking forward to a bigger challenge in his career. Shortly after the victory against Ariel Esteban Bracamonte, the Nigerian boxer stated that his ambition was to contest for a world title in the United States or in any other country very soon.

“I am looking forward to a bigger challenge very soon, maybe in the next three months,” Ehwarieme stated.

In his latest KO win, the 32-year-old rising star crushed Bracamonte in one round. Surprisingly, Ehwarieme has already been studying his opponent’s skills and attitude ahead of the fight. According to Ehwarieme, the reason why he decided to unleash the “killer blow” on his Argentine opponent was because he realized that it was dangerous to stay close to him after he felt Bracamonte’s power in the first 12 seconds.

“I have known Bracamonte as an aggressive and stubborn boxer. His aim was to destabilise me as early as possible. He (Bracamonte) actually torched me in the 12th seconds, and I felt the impact of his blow. But I decided to change my pattern immediately. I realised that it was dangerous staying so close to him. What I did was to stay away and make use of my long-range. I am happy it paid off immediately for me,” Ehwarieme revealed.

In Britain, an undefeated heavyweight knockout artist also presents a strong case to become the next Tyson.

Daniel Dubois is a 22-year-old heavyweight boxer from London who claimed that he has the style of Tyson, and someday, he could also be feared by his opponents just like “Iron Mike.”

“I know it can happen that people fear me like they feared Tyson. It’s up to me to make sure it happens,” Dubois said.