Opposition supporters shout in their stronghold of Tahrir Square
Opposition supporters shout in their stronghold of Tahrir Square Reuters

As speculation grows that Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak will step down in a few hours after more than two weeks of continuous political unrest in the country, the Egyptian Higher Military Council said it is in a state of “continuous session” to protect the nation and the aspirations of the people.”

The state news agency MENA sated that the The Higher Army Council held a meeting today under Hussein Tantawi the head of the armed forces and minister of defense to discuss the necessary measures and preparations to protect the nation, its gains and the aspirations of the people. The council decided to remain in continuous session to discuss measures that can be taken in this regard.

However, there have been other unconfirmed reports that protesters in custody have been tortured by Egyptian military officials.

Meanwhile, a senior member of the outlawed Muslin Brotherhood opposition group has told Reuters that he fears that the Egyptian army is in the process of staging a coup.

It looks like a military coup ... I feel worry and anxiety. The problem is not with the president it is with the regime, Essam al-Erian said.