A 9-year-old boy was allegedly gang-raped by students of his school in Sierra de Cazorla, located in Spain's Jaén Province. While the incident reportedly took place last week, it only came to light Wednesday.

According to Spanish media outlets, the country's Office of the Public Prosecutor for Minors and the Education launched an investigation into the incident. The boy was admitted to the San Juan de la Cruz hospital in Úbeda for treatment after suffering from an apparent sexual assault. The hospital informed about the alleged incident to the Prosecutor's Office and the National Police.

The incident reportedly took place inside the school premises during recess. According to the victim, the suspects who allegedly assaulted him were aged between 12 and 14 years. The school management reportedly said they had no knowledge of the incident until Wednesday.

The victim reportedly told police that this was not the first time he was subjected to harassment at school by other students and also threatened to remain silent about the abuse.

The Minister of Education of the Junta de Andalucía, Sonia Gaya, called for caution in the case of the child allegedly raped by other classmates. She reminded authorities that both the alleged victim and the alleged suspects were minors and should be protected.

The head of Education in Andalusia said in a statement obtained by Europa Press that officials are "working in the center, with the staff of the center, with the direction of the center, to try to clarify what happened." The statement also said there was little information so far about the incident but the Inspection of Education was compiling all the information to know "what exactly has happened and to take the measures and opportune actions."

Authorities also assured that they will work "together with the competent authorities, judicial, prosecutor, social services, child protection" and have made themselves "available to the family and the educational community," according to a local report.