Baby Lisa Irwin
A handout picture of Lisa Irwin Reuters

It has been a month since 10-month-old Lisa Irwin was reported missing from her Kansas City home. The mystery has rarely left the attention of national media organizations since then. Kansas City police, on Friday, confirmed that despite little actual evidence, active searches to find the baby were being continued.

A good deal of attention, at least initially, was focused on the missing baby's mother, Deborah Bradley. Lisa Irwin's maternal grandfather, David L. Netz Jr. believes that the official policy of trusting nobody is actually making things worse; a fact, he claims, is evident in the manner in which legal teams were handling the situation with the parents. In return, approximately a week after the baby's disappearance, the family reportedly became less than co-operative, at the order of high-profile New York City defense attorney, Joe Tacopina.

However, for the first time since the incident began, the child's grandparents have spoken out, on ABC's Nightline. In addition, other family members are also speaking out, against the media craze that Deborah has invited with behavior.

People are judging whether Debbie's crying enough, or if she's crying too much, or if her lip curls up in some body language secret, or if Jeremy doesn't show enough emotion, said David, on ABC's Nightline. He emphasized that he was less than impressed by the negative impressions his daughter and her husband acquired over the last month.

My God, Debbie and Jeremy can't even relax and smoke on the back porch without seeing hidden cameras popping out of brush. It's horrible, explained David, Nobody knows how they'd react until this happens. I'm sick of hearing, 'If they really cared they'd be doing so and so.'... And through it all, little Lisa is out there somewhere, that's what gets me....