Police in the Mexican state of Guerrero said that the dismembered body parts they found cooked inside pots in a house, belonged to a woman who went missing more than a week ago. It is unclear as to who stayed in the house in which the dismembered body was found.

According to a report in Sky News, the unidentified woman went missing from her home in Taxco, Guerrero, southwest of Mexico City on Jan. 13 after she left to pick up her kids from her ex-husband’s home. 

Mexican woman's body found dismembered In this photo, video grab of a police van and an ambulance is seen in the area where a bus driving tourists to Chacchoben archaeological zone overturned, in Mexico on Dec. 19, 2017. Photo: Getty Images /Manuel Jesus Ortega Canche

However, police said that she was never seen or heard from again after she left for her ex-husband’s house. They believed that the missing woman was murdered and dismembered in the house in which her remains were found.

Roberto Alvarez, the state security spokesman confirmed the news and said: "It is presumed that she was cooked."

Police officials said they were treating the victim’s ex-husband as a prime suspect and her death was being investigated as a case of femicide. Femicide refers to the killing of a person directly motivated by their gender. 

Over the recent years, Femicide has become a raging issue in the Latin American country as an estimated seven women were said to be victims of gender-related killings in the year 2016, according to United Nations.

Though there are several laws in place to make sure that such incidents are prevented, the lack of law enforcement makes the killings persistent. Ibrahim Zamora Salazar, women’s rights activist said that men kill women "because they believe women are worthless or they believe that their lives belong to them,” a report stated. 

Reports also stated that out of the 52,210 killings of women that were reported in the country since the year 1985, almost a third of them took place since the year 2011. Guerrero also registered the second highest femicide rate per state in 2016. In addition to this, Newsweek reported that among the top 25 countries in the world with the highest femicide rate, 14 countries were Latin American and Caribbean. 

Over the years, there have been several protests in Mexico where people have marched to urge the government to take necessary measures to prevent femicide. 

In September 2017, thousands of people protested following the murder of a 19-year-old girl who was found dead after she used a taxi-hailing application. The driver was arrested in relation to the case and was charged with femicide.