The 2019 World Series is barely over and MLB’s hot stove season has already begun. The Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros to win the title fewer than 48 hours ago and there is plenty of speculation regarding where the top free agents will end up.

Washington has to worry about holding onto Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon. Gerrit Cole could leave Houston for a big payday.

Early betting odds shortly before the official start of free agency suggest that the champs will find a way to keep their two stars. The Astros might have trouble holding onto their ace.

BetOnline lists the Nationals as the favorites to sign both Strasburg and Rendon. The Los Angeles Angels are the betting favorites to sign Cole, followed by the New York Yankees. Houston is given the third-best odds to ink Cole to a new contract.

The Nationals have a clear edge over the rest of the league when it comes to Strasburg. The World Series MVP has four years and $100 million left on his deal. The right-hander can opt-out of his deal, though Washington can negotiate an extension with him before he hits the open market.

BetOnline gives Strasburg 5/4 odds to start the 2020 MLB season with the Nationals. The Yankees are next with 3/1 odds, followed by the Boston Red Sox (5/1) and Angles (7/1). The Philadelphia Phillies (7/1) and San Diego Padres (10/1) also make the list of potential Strasburg suitors.

The Yankees and Angles have a clear need for starting pitching. There’s speculation that Cole will return to his native California, where the Angels have not been able to build a contender around Mike Trout. The Yankees would overtake the Astros as the AL favorites by acquiring Cole.

Los Angeles is a 2/1 favorite to sign Cole, followed by New York (3/1). Houston has 7/2 odds to re-sign Cole and keep their rotation of Cole, Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke intact.

Cole is expected to sign a contract worth well over $200 million. The same goes for Rendon, who already has rejected a Nationals’ offer worth between $210-$215 million, according to The Washington Post.

Washington has 3/2 odds to sign Rendon after letting Bryce Harper walk in free agency last offseason. The New York Mets are second with 5/2 odds, though it’s hard to believe they’d spend the kind of money it will take to acquire the star third baseman. The Yankees have enough third basemen on their roster, but they are third with 5/1 odds.

The Texas Rangers (5/1), Chicago White Sox (7/1), Angels (9/1), Phillies (9/1) and Arizona Diamondbacks (12/1) are also considered contenders in the Anthony Rendon Sweepstakes.