The Manny Machado Sweepstakes could soon be coming to an end now that the highly coveted free agent has concluded his meetings with suitors. Machado visited the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies this week as he prepares to make the biggest decision of his MLB career.

Where will Machado sign? Let’s rank the three teams in order, starting with the one that’s most likely to acquire the free agent.

1) Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies’ owner John Middleton told USA Today last month the team might be “stupid” with the way they spend money. There have been rumors all offseason that Philadelphia will land either Machado or Bryce Harper, and all indications are that the Phillies would choose the star infielder if they had to pick one. After meeting with Machado Thursday, Philadelphia might very well make him an offer he can’t refuse.

That could mean a contract worth at least $300 million over 10 years. It’s a deal that Philadelphia could justify making since Machado will only be 36 years old in a decade. The Phillies were competitive for most of last season, and Machado has a chance to win with Philadelphia while being one of the highest-paid players in American team sports history.

2) New York Yankees

It doesn’t sound like the Yankees are willing to come close to offering Machado $300 million. They might be prepared to offer him eight years, though the team reportedly would rather get the four-time All-Star on an even shorter deal. New York has exercised restraint recently, failing to give Patrick Corbin a six-year contract offer. This could be another example of a top free agent that was once expected to go to New York taking a more lucrative offer elsewhere.

The Yankees are still very much in play for Machado because the 26-year-old reportedly prefers to play in New York if the money is equal. Maybe a competitive offer with a higher average yearly salary will get the job done. Machado is young enough that he could potentially sign another lucrative contract after his next deal is up.

3) Chicago White Sox

Chicago feels like a distant third in this three-team race. They haven’t made the playoffs in 10 years and are coming off a 100-loss season. Unlike Philadelphia, who showed improvement last season after years of missing the postseason, the White Sox might not be ready to win anytime soon. Chicago might have to blow Machado away with an offer in order to land him.

Machado did meet with the White Sox first, so the team is certainly in consideration. Chicago has less money committed in payroll in 2019 than Philadelphia or New York, so they could decide to give the superstar more than $300 million to lead a core of young players. The White Sox are reportedly targeting Harper, as well, though the organization has never paid a free agent even close to what it would take to acquire this offseason’s available superstars.