• Philllies could make a run for Kris Bryant
  • Bryant will be an expensive addition for the Phillies
  • Phillies may not want to give up young promising stars to Cubs

Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs has been the talk of the town recently. The 28-year-old has been linked to several teams as of late, mainly due to his lost grievance with the Cubs. One team that could enter the picture are the Philadelphia Phillies.

Apparently, multiple MLB teams are keeping tabs with the Bryant situation. Rather than buying, going via the trade route is a whole lot cheaper. But critics believe that seeing the three-time All-Star land in Philly is a long shot. This is even though Bryant fits in with the Phillies' needs.

Can the Phillies afford Bryant?

There are concerns to be considered, assuming the Phillies push for a Bryant trade. There is their payroll to consider. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic explained how a deal would push the luxury-tax payroll of Philadelphia to $223.2 million. This means that that Phillies would be obligated to pay $3.04 million in tax. The cost of Bryant, then, effectively would be $21.64 million. This excludes the values of the prospects required to acquire him.

In exchange, the Cubs may want a pitcher. They could ask for Scott Kingery or Alec Bohm, two players Philly may not be too keen to deal. The main reason for that is that pitching is a greater need for the Phillies. Given this scenario, it may be best for them to wait and explore their options.

With the asking price for Bryant hefty, some feel that the Phillies should just look at other options. The 2016 NL MVP could be a big catch but not at the expense of dealing away youthful players. According to NBC Sports, a reasonable transaction would send Bohm and possibly 2 to 3 players for Bryant.

Apparently, the bottom line here is that the Phillies will need to choose or sacrifice. It could be Bohm, Kingery or even Spencer Howard. This has to be done fast with several other teams also interested in Bryant. The list includes the Washington Nationals, New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves.

Of course, there is still that Colorado Rockies-Chicago Cubs trade on the table. As mentioned in a previous post, a potential swap involving Bryant for Nolan Arenado could happen. Both Bryant and Arenado are seeming unhappy with their MLB teams right now. A swap could resolve all that if the numbers can be balanced.

kris bryant Kris Bryant is a leading candidate to win the NL MVP. Photo: Getty