A few MLB teams are going to have difficult decisions to make with the 2019 trade deadline only two weeks away. Clubs that were expected to deal their prized starting pitchers might have to think twice about doing so as they look to make the playoffs.

Trevor Bauer has been considered among the top starters that could be moved this summer, but the Cleveland Indians (52-40) are actually tied for the second AL Wild-Card spot through 92 games. The San Francisco Giants (45-49) have seemed sure to eventually trade Madison Bumgarner, though they now find themselves just 3.5 games out of the NL Wild-Card race.

There was speculation earlier in the season that the Washington Nationals (49-43) might trade some of their best players. Washington has since turned things around, moving to the top of the wild-card standings. As a result, All-Stars Max Scherzer and Anthony Rendon are no longer the subjects of trade rumors.

The Nationals are 7.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves (58-37) for first place in the NL East. Washington has a two-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals (47-45) and Philadelphia Phillies (48-46), who are tied for the second NL Wild-Card berth.

The Giants are three games in the loss column behind the Phillies. Four teams are sandwiched in between San Francisco and the final NL playoff spot. None of them are more than a game over .500. 

San Francisco's three-game winning streak includes victories over both the Milwaukee Brewers (48-47) and Colorado Rockies (46-48), who are ahead of the Giants in the wild-card race. The Giants are in last place in the NL West and 17 games behind the first-place Los Angeles Dodgers (63-33), despite winning nine of their last 11 games.

Cleveland is six games behind the Minnesota Twins (58-34) for first place in the AL Central. Minnesota had a 10-game lead a month ago.

The Indians and Oakland Athletics (53-41) are two games behind the Tampa Bay Rays (56-40) for the first wild-card spot, though the A’s have a slightly worse winning percentage than Cleveland. The Boston Red Sox (51-43) are two games behind Cleveland and Oakland. The Texas Rangers (50-44) are a game behind Boston.

Being in the hunt for a playoff spot might not necessarily stop the Indians from trading Bauer. The Indians could look to acquire younger and cheaper major-league players that will contribute for the remainder of the season.

Bauer is arbitration-eligible next season before hitting free agency in 2020. Bumgarner is in the final year of his contract.