• Jeremy Miado dismisses the idea that Lito Adiwang would have easily won their fight if it went to the judges' scorecards
  • Adiwang twisted his knee late in the second round and Miado got the TKO victory
  • Miado is now ranked in the Top Five of the ONE strawweight division

Filipino strawweight Jeremy Miado emerged victorious over fellow countryman Lito Adiwang at the recently-concluded ONE X last Saturday, March 26, and it was an outcome that surprised many.

In a virtual press conference, International Business Times sports editor and combat sports analyst Nissi Icasiano spoke with Miado about his victory.

Miado revealed that he did not expect both the outcome and the way he was able to bring Adiwang to the mat quickly.

“I was really surprised by that, maybe it’s because of my conditioning that allowed me to take him down with ease,” the 29-year-old told Icasiano in his native tongue.

“In Round One, I was really trying to figure out how he would be moving and I tried to time in my flying knee in the second round, but it only grazed him. But I think he felt the power in it. It didn’t land flush, but it was enough for him to rethink.”

The Filipino-versus-Filipino bout had fans at the edge of their seats as the two strawweights were fighting for a place in the rankings, with Adiwang aiming to keep his No. 5 spot while Miado hoping to break through.

Adiwang, who's coming off a devastating submission loss to No. 2-ranked Jarred Brooks, put the pressure on Miado as soon as the opening bell rang.

However, Miado was able to score a game-changing takedown on Adiwang in the middle of the round that stifled the latter's offense for a while before they were able to get back to their feet.

Jeremy Miado, Lito Adiwang
Fellow Filipinos Jeremy Miado (left) and Lito Adiwang (right) had a fiery clash at ONE X that ended in a technical knockout victory in favor of Miado. ONE Championship

It seemed like Adiwang was poised to cruise to a decision victory over “The Jaguar,” but the former twisted his knee late in the second round and Miado was awarded the TKO victory.

“Many were saying that if the fight came to a decision, [Lito] Adiwang would have won the fight. I can fully admit that round one belonged to him and I’m not going to take that away from him,” Miado said of the outcome.

“When it came to round two, I was getting the hang of things so, no one can fully tell whether the decision would have gone in his favor because MMA is so unpredictable. Also, ONE’s judging criteria is not round-by-round, so no one could tell who would have won.”

Miado’s victory over his compatriot gave him his first-ever three-fight winning streak in the Singapore-based promotion.

Icasiano asked whether it would have been enough for him to take the fifth spot away from Adiwang, and while Miado was hesitant to declare it, the organization awarded it to him on Thursday, March 31.

Now sitting comfortably in the rankings for the first time in his career, Miado’s next opponent could likely be either the unranked Senzo Ikeda or the No. 4-ranked Hiroba Minowa.

A rematch with Adiwang might also happen sometime down the road, but for now, Miado will enjoy the fruits of his labor as he marches his way to a possible title shot against ONE strawweight king Joshua Pacio.