• Seo Hee Ham is looking forward to a convincing victory over Denice Zamboanga at ONE X
  • Zamboanga lost their first meeting in a controversial split decision in favor of Ham
  • Ham declares that it will be a short night for Zamboanga

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans and journalists have been closely following the career of South Korean sensation Seo Hee Ham ever since she broke on the scene in 2007 and has grown to have even more fans after joining ONE Championship in late 2020.

However, her promotional debut drew controversy as she won by split decision over Denice Zamboanga in their quarterfinal matchup of the Women’s Atomweight World Grand Prix at ONE: Empower in September 2021.

Recognizing the situation, the Singapore-based outfit has confirmed that Ham and Zamboanga will battle it out in a rematch at ONE X on March 26.

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times sports editor and combat sports analyst Nissi Icasiano, Ham expressed her thoughts about the first fight through an interpreter.

“I still think I won that fight. If you’re in there and you’re fighting each other, you can feel it. During those three five-minute rounds, I never had a feeling that I was losing that fight and I thought I was actually dominating. If you were there in the spot and you’re listening to the sounds of the fight, I believe I was more accurate on the offensive [end],” Ham said.

She later added that her retelling of the events at ONE: Empower was from her perspective only and that she knows everyone will have an opinion on the matter based on their own point of view.

The 35-year-old was slated to face the eventual winner of the tournament--Stamp Fairtex--following her victory over Zamboanga, but an injury forced her to pull out and Julie Mezabarba then stepped in for her.

When asked to compare the Filipina to the fighters that she has faced in the past, Ham was reluctant to do so out of respect to both Zamboanga and her past opponents, which includes Mei Yamaguchi, Cortney Casey, Bec Rawlings and Ayaka Hamasaki.

“She (Zamboanga) is young and she has that force with her. She’s been winning all the fights, she’s not scared of anything, but I can’t really say anything [about comparing her]. I don’t want to lower anyone down,” Ham meekly remarked.

Fully recovered and raring to prove her win over Zamboanga was not a fluke, Ham revealed how she plans on ensuring that she gets the decisive victory.

“I just have to be me, the real Seo Hee Ham. I just have to show the real me. My opponent comes in the cage and I show her the real me, I won’t have any problems,” Ham confidently declared.

Lovingly called “Hamderlei Silva” by the MMA community because her style represents that of PRIDE legend and UFC icon Wanderlei Silva, she was then asked whether the “real her” comment she made means going back to that style of fighting.

“No, actually not the 'Hamderlei Silva' that you know. I don’t want to show that. What I meant is me, myself enjoying inside that circle, having fun,” Ham jovially quipped.

Familiarity with a foe can either work in one’s favor or against them, much like Juan Manuel Marquez put a definitive close to his saga with Manny Pacquiao after four boxing matchups.

When it comes to facing “The Lycan Queen” again, Ham fully believes that it will work out for the best.

A definitive win for the South Korean will surely put all doubts of her first victory over Zamboanga to rest.

To that point, Ham made one final declaration as she makes her final preparations for the second encounter at ONE X.

“I’ll make it short. 100%,” she ended.