For Libya, it is a form of liberation and rebirth, following the death of former dictator, Col. Moammar Gadhafi. The new rulers have made a statement, by leaving Gadhafi's body, for the third day, in Misrata. The whole scene looked quite like a carnival, as people lined up to look at the decomposing bodies of Gadhafi, his son and an army chief. Adults and children accompanied by their parents traveled to witness the bodies, which have started to decompose.

The death of Gadhafi marks a historic event for Libya - it is the end of an 8-month long civil war that was only a small part of the 42-year reign of Gadhafi.

We saw him when he was arrogant. Now we want to see him when he is humiliated. We brought our children to see him today because this is a chance to see history, said a man who identified himself as Mohammed, to Reuters, We want to see this arrogant person as a lifeless body. Let all the people see him.

Apart from a desire among the people to see the lifeless body of their former cruel nemesis, another reason why there has been a delay in cremation is because administrative organizations are unsure over what exactly to do. Misrata, which suffered for long periods under Gadhafi's rule, is happy enough to gaze at his dead body but is less keen to allow it to be buried in their soil.

The slain leader's kinsmen want the body to buried in his hometown of Sirte (as requested in his will). However, the interim government wants to bury the body at an undisclosed location, in order to prevent the place from becoming a shrine, of sorts, for his followers.

In a statement, according to ABC News, Gadhafi's son Saadi, who fled to Niger after the fall of Tripoli in August, said he was shocked and outraged by the vicious brutality shown towards his father and brother, Mutassim. His concern has been shared by a few other Libyans, who are troubled by the fact that the former leader's body has not been buried in time and according to Islamic law.

He's not human and not a Muslim because what he did to us no Muslim can do, said Mohammed Ahmed, standing next to Gadhafi's body, which has been placed on a filthy mattress in a room previously used to store onions, Even the animals don't want anything to do with him.

According to autopsy results, Moammar Gaddafi had one bullet wound in the left side of his head and one in his abdomen, Reuters quoted official sources as saying. The autopsy was conducted in the early hours of Sunday.

Gadhafi, who was captured and killed on Oct. 20, at his hometown of Sirte after a two-month hunt by National Transitional Council (NTC) forces was armed with a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum pistol loaded with dum-dum bullets - banned under international conventions - and a gold-plated Browning pistol was in his waist band and two assault rifles lay nearby, according to Omar Ahmed Al Shibani, who was the commander of the military unit that captured Gadhafi. The statement was made while addressing a press conference in Misrata on Sunday.

Video footage that was released shortly after the leader's capture shows a wound near his left year and, according to Shibani, there was one more in his abdomen. However, that has not yet been confirmed. Shibani and other government officials insist that Gadhafi was alive when he reached the ambulance. Libya's interim Prime Minister, Mahmoud Jibril, has suggested that the bullet which was believed to have killed Gadhafi could have even been fired by one of his own guards, adding that the situation was so chaotic and the gun fight so intense that anything could have happened. According to an ABC report, several of his bodyguards were killed in the final gun battle.

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