“I paid the price for my vanity with my life.” These were the words uttered by a 26-year-old mom from Brazil who opted to undergo a Brazilian butt lift. She contracted a massage therapist, who was referred to her by a friend, to perform the procedure.

Angela Pedrosa, who is a gym rat, still opted to undergo a butt lift despite the resentment of her family. Not heeding her family’s warnings she pushed through with the procedure.

As per Fox News, she initially had 100 mLs injected into her rear. After a month, she received 200 mLs more. Unbeknownst to her, the second trip to the clinic was the beginning of a lifelong nightmare.

Representational image of an operation theater. Vidal Balielo Jr./Pexels

According to Angela’s mother, in just a matter of an hour, her daughter was already suffering from severe pain all throughout her body. Doctors' diagnosis revealed that infection, apparently, ate and rotted her flesh. Due to severe infection, sepsis set in.

Angela stayed at the hospital for two months suffering from unbearable pain. As per the reported recollection of Angela, she could remember hearing the ambulance crew telling her mom to pray because she was already close to dying. She recounted that, at that point, she begged God not to let her die.

Doctors used a lot of antibiotics just to fight off the infection. They also had to cut the infected area, leaving Angela with a lopsided butt. There was a huge scar in both cheeks and she now needs to undergo reconstructive surgery to restore her butt. Her surgeons would take fat from her tummy area and use that for her butt.

Angela still has her own fears and she admitted at being afraid that the reconstructive surgery will not work for her. She already confronted some complications from the initial procedure.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the popular Brazilian butt lift is considered “safe.” The process requires using the patient’s fat to improve the butt’s appearance. The injections that would be used need to stay in the subcutaneous tissue.

Common side effects of Brazilian butt lifts that go wrong include infection, pain, scarring, loss of skin in treated areas, and also lumps under the skin. Healthline stated that the most recent data revealed a 1 in 3000 fatality rate among those who underwent a Brazilian butt lift.

The doctor, who performed the procedure on Angela, was, reportedly, arrested and facing charges. She also stated therapist used silicone.