Unregulated, aggressive promotion of formula milk, poor medical advice, short maternity leave and hostile workplaces mean China has among the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world and falling well short of its own targets, experts warn
A woman from Malaysia reportedly found her friend breastfeeding her baby. AFP / STR


  • The friend claimed that she breastfed the baby because the child had been crying
  • The mom did not buy the excuse as she'd just breastfed her son herself
  • The mom said her friend was caught breastfeeding her baby without consent twice

A mom in Malaysia said she was left traumatized after she caught her friend breastfeeding her baby boy without her knowledge or consent.

The mother shared the whole story last week via a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

TikTok user @afieqahhasanah, who has more than 522,000 followers on the platform, shared that she was busy at the time getting ready for a gathering and left her child, who is named Haider, in the care of her unidentified female friend.

"At the time, I was busy carrying things, and when I arrived, she asked me for Haider, so I just gave him [to her] because she was someone close to me. I didn't expect that she could do such a thing," she said, according to a translation of the video by Asia One.

While she was carrying items for the gathering, the mom said she allegedly saw her friend breastfeeding Haider "at the back in an open hall."

When she confronted the friend, the latter allegedly claimed that she only did it because the child was crying.

The Malaysian mom did not buy the explanation of her friend as she had just breastfed her baby herself at the time. She said the experience left her traumatized.

"So I couldn't accept her excuse and I don't know ... until when I'll be haunted by this incident. Which mother can accept her baby being directly breastfed by someone else while the mother herself has breastmilk?" she said in her video.

She added that this was not the only time that the unnamed friend had been caught breastfeeding her son without her consent. The TikTok user claimed that her mother also later found the friend doing the same thing.

"The second time, it was my mother [who caught her]. Now, I'm having a tough time shaking it off my mind," she said in the clip.

The mom revealed that it's now "difficult" for her to trust other people.

"I'm very disheartened. I take good care of my children, ensuring that nobody randomly kisses or hugs them because I'm afraid of them getting infected by diseases," she shared.


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Back in February, wedding planner Georgie Mitchell went viral after revealing in a podcast that a groom was allegedly caught being breastfed by his mother on his wedding day.

Mitchell claimed on her "The Unfiltered Bride" podcast, which she co-hosts with her friend Beth Smith, that though she did not witness the incident herself, she heard about it from a make-up artist named Jenny. She did not name any names.

"Jenny says to me, 'I did a wedding the other day and you'll never guess what happened,'" Mitchell claimed in a since-deleted TikTok clip. "The bride needed to go to the toilet just before the ceremony. She walked into the toilet, and what she saw was enough to end a wedding."

Mitchell claimed that the bride witnessed the groom being breastfed by his mom, suggesting that the mother had "obviously been doing it continuously."

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A groom was reportedly found breastfeeding off his mom before his actually wedding in February. Stokpic/Pixabay