• The moon and Saturn will have their conjunction this Monday and appear close to one another in the sky
  • The two heavenly bodies represent conflicting energies and signal a battle between emotions and logic, astrologers believe
  • People with Saturn-moon conjunctions in their birth charts are likely to feel depressed and fatigued, they claim

The moon and Saturn will have their conjunction this week. For many, this phenomenon carries with it a variety of spiritual meanings.

On Monday, skywatchers will be able to see the moon and Saturn appearing close together, only a few hours before the Earth's natural satellite reaches its half-illuminated last quarter phase, according to On this day, the moon will be 21 days old and will be passing about 4 degrees to the south of Saturn -- an event that is also known as an appulse, per

Despite the pair's close approach, however, the moon and Saturn will still be too widely separated to be seen within the field of view of a telescope. But they will be visible to the naked eye or through the use of binoculars.

Many believe that birth charts reveal a lot about a person. For those who subscribe to this belief, a Saturn and moon conjunction is perceived to be a battle of opposites within a person and is considered a bad sign, according to Crystal Clear Intuition.

Astrologers hold the belief that Saturn-moon conjunction "can be a disruptive aspect in one’s birth chart because they are two opposite energies competing for the same space. Saturn in the nature of logic and the Moon is the nature of emotions," the website said. Depending on one's house, the conjunction reflected in their birth charts may cause depression, fatigue and mood swings.

The moon represents feminine energy. This encompasses emotions, intuition, and sensitivity. Those who have the moon in their birth charts are believed to possess psychic insight, fleeting emotions and intuitive exploration, astrologers said.

Saturn, on the other hand, represents qualities often in contrast with the moon. People who have Saturn on their birth charts are seen as stable-minded, logical people who are good at critical thinking. The planet is said to signify long-term strategy, hard work and discipline.

"While the moon represents the short term cycles of the day, week and months, Saturn represents the long-term cycles of one’s lifetime, taking into account both past and future lifetimes," the website said.

People with Saturn-moon conjunction in their chart experience conflicting energies within them, astrologers said. These are often the ones who are emotionally unstable and undergo great fluctuations in their moods. In addition, their characteristics also include being pessimistic, cynical and often feeling as if they are in constant battle with themselves.

Meanwhile, the moon will pass to the south of Jupiter just a little over one day after the moon-Saturn conjunction, according to EarthSky.

A view of Saturn and Titan from Cassini in 2012 A view of Saturn and Titan from Cassini in 2012 Photo: NASA / HO