Mount Etna erupted, spewing lava and ash, in Sicily on Tuesday. Italy’s active volcano has recorded plenty of activity of late and Tuesday’s eruption was one of more spectacular displays that has been captured by video.

The Associated Press has the video of Mount Etna erupting on Tuesday. In the clip, the volcano is sending lava and ash into the night sky, but no injuries have been reported. According to The Telegraph, the eruption did not interfere with any air traffic from Catania’s airport, a Sicilian city located at the foot of Mount Etna. According to Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Mount Etna has been experiencing increased volcanic activity, The Telegraph reports.

Mount Etna has erupted several times in 2013. On Feb. 28, satellite photos captured a Mount Etna explosion from space, reports LiveScience. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield Tweeted the photo of Mount Etna from the International Space Station.

Mount Etna is located on the eastern coast of Sicily and is the tallest active volcano in Europe. There are four craters at the summit of Mount Etna that are active, the Northeast Crater, the Southeast Crater, the Bocca Nuova and the Voragine. It is unclear which crater Tuesday’s eruption originated from, but the Feb. 27 eruption occurred at the Voragine crater.

Another large eruption was caught on film by Klaus Dorschfeldt, a videographer for Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, on Feb. 19, reports Our Amazing Planet. Mount Etna experienced smaller eruptions in January.

The volcano experiences several small eruptions, called paroxysms, each month. Activity at Mount Etna is common enough that air traffic sometimes has to be diverted to avoid ash clouds, The Telegraph reports.

The Associated Press’ video of Tuesdays’ Mount Etna eruption can be viewed below. Another video, taken from further away, can also be watched below.