A mother of four in the U.K. suffered severe burns after a hot water bottle exploded in between her legs. She had blisters all over her legs and stomach and the skin came peeling off by the time paramedics reached her.

Sophie Mason, 29, was warming up using the hot water bottle after shooting for a video as it was cold outside. However, as she was about to curl up the bottle split open severely burning her legs and stomach, Mason told SWNS.

She had filled the bottle from a freshly boiled tea kettle. She claims that the bottle was not overfilled.

Mason tried to take off her clothes, but couldn’t do it as her hand was burning. Her husband then ripped off her clothes and used cold towels to cool her down.

Paramedics arrived at her place after 30 minutes, however, she said the excruciating pain made the wait all the more difficult. The burns on her hand were so severe that her nerves were exposed.

“It feels like a long time when you are on fire,” Mason said. “I was complaining about the pain in my hand as opposed to my stomach and leg, even though you could see the skin blistering and peeling. The reason for this was the burn on my hand was superficial so the nerves were exposed.”

She went into shock and her nerves coiled due to the intensity of the burns. She could see the paramedics popping the blisters on her legs and stomach. They wrapped her burns in cooling bandages and got morphine into her system.

“The nurses were trying to get control all the blisters that were coming up – there must have been 100 blisters on my stomach and legs. They were popping them open and covering me up to protect my me,” she further said.

Mason underwent surgery, as she needed two skin grafts to cover the injuries on her leg and stomach. The wounds were covered from the skin behind her right thigh.

“The operation needed doing. It has been more painful than I expected. It has not helped my mobility at all,” Mason told SWNS.

Mason said that the accident was unfortunate and that it happened because of her own ignorance. She now advises people against filling the hot water bottle straight from the tea kettle.

“I am trying to warn people not to fill them straight from the kettle so they don’t make the same mistake. It’s just not worth it,” she said.

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