portable toilet
This is a representational image showing a port-a-potty in front of the new levee near the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana, Aug. 30, 2008. Getty Images/Stephen Morton

An unidentifed man died Sunday after he was burned alive when the portable bathroom he was using caught fire outside the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. The man ran out of the toilet on fire and collapsed on the ground, eye witnesses told local media.

Police said they were finding it difficult to identify the victim, believed to be middle-aged, as his body was badly burned. Authorities were working to identify him from his remains. Multiple firetrucks and officers with Baltimore police, the Fire Department and Maryland Transit Police responded to the incident.

Investigators said the horrific death was likely the result of a tragic accident. However, it was unclear how the fire started. Baltimore Fire Department was investigating the incident,but no foul play was suspected. The incident took place next to the light rail station on West Hamburg Street in Lot H, the Baltimore Sun reported.

During investigation, officers closed off a light rail walkway that overlooked the scene.

​Local media reported a security guard at the stadium was among the first to spot the portable toilet ablaze Sunday afternoon. The flames later spread to two more nearby toilets, WBALTV reported. By the time medics arrived, the man was dead. It wasn’t clear how long he had been in the toilet.

Less than an hour later, the man’s body lay under a white sheet while the remains of the portable toilet smoldered nearby.

"From what we were told, the security guard saw him running from the porta potty; his body was physically on fire," Fire Department spokesperson Blair Adams said. "Immediately, he collapsed on the floor. He was dead upon arrival."

"We’re unclear what he was doing inside of the porta pottys at this time, if he was walking by or whatever the case, but that will be part of the investigation," Adams added.