Jordan Muslim Brotherhood police headquarters
Jordanian police officials on Wednesday shut the headquarters of the opposition party Muslim Brotherhood in Amman, reports said. In this photo, members of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood and opposition parties shout slogans during a demonstration in Amman, on July 31, 2015. Getty Images/AFP/Khalil Mazraawi

Police officials in Jordan shut down the Amman headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest opposition party in the country, reports said Wednesday. A report by Jordan Times, a local newspaper, said that the staff in the building was ordered to evacuate the premises, after which it was sealed off by the authorities.

A government official said that the decision was taken because the party does not have a license and it is “not showing any intent to rectify their situation,” Jordan Times reported. The official also said that the leaders of the new Muslim Brotherhood Society, a different faction that split from the parent party and registered itself as a separate entity, filed a complaint against the parent party. The complaint reportedly alleged that the new entity is the legitimate Brotherhood in the country.

A report by Reuters said that police officials were acting on the orders of the Amman governor. The report also said that the Brotherhood has operated legally in the country for several years and has significant grassroots support in many urban centers.

A senior leader from the party, Jamil Abu Baker, said that the police officials did not give any reason for their actions, Reuters reported.