Muslim leaders are worried about the 24-hour prayer rally happening Friday near Detroit.

Led by Christian group TheCall, the event is focused on issues like same-sex marriage, abortion and other political and social issues, but will also address the rising tide of the Islamic movement, according to The Associated Press.

The rally, taking place at Ford Field, is of great concern to Muslim groups.

Our concern is that we are literally being demonized by the organizers of this group, Dawud Walid, executive director of Council on American-Islamic Relations' Michigan chapter told AP. And given the recent history of other groups that have come into Michigan ... we're concerned about this prayer vigil stoking up the flames of divisiveness in the community.

The AP reports that TheCall is part of an independent denomination of Pentecostalism.

Rev. Charles Williams II asked local Christians to reconsider the rally.

All of us in Detroit have been praying hard for the future of our city and everyone in it, said Rev. Williams, according to The Arab American News. We need to keep on praying and we need to keep on working hard for economic and social justice that lifts up every person, rich and poor. What we don't need is more divisiveness and fear.