The chilling image of a mystery man who appears to be viewing the Boston Marathon explosions from a nearby rooftop has sparked a flurry of debate among Twitter users.

The pictures, captured by bystander, Dan Lampariello, show a man leaning against a metal railing, appearing to observe the catastrophic events that were occurring in the street below. Lampariello uploaded the images to Twitter after a pair of devastating bombings that killed at least three people and left more than 140 others injured.

While it's not clear whether the mystery man on the roof had anything to do with the bombings, some have raised the sinister possibility that one of the perpetrators of the attack may have taken to the rooftop to watch their handiwork unfold.

The frightening image was dispersed throughout Twitter by a number of accounts. Yahoo News notes that the operator of a parody account for R&B singer Frank Ocean, which has more than 260,000 followers, was one of the first major Twitter feeds to relay the image. The account’s tweet, which read, “Who’s that guy on the roof??,” was retweeted more than 2,000 times.

News outlets have also speculated about the mystery man’s potential role in the attacks. The U.K.’s Daily Mail joined in on the Twitter frenzy, tweeting, "Who is this person? Individual seen walking on roof directly overhead as bomb goes off at Boston Marathon."

By Monday night, the phrase “Boston Marathon roof” was trending on Twitter, with conspiracy theories permeating the popular social media platform.

“That pic of the mystery man on the roof at the moment of the explosion is chilling. Might be innocent but looks sinister,” wrote one Twitter user.

"The picture of the guy on the roof overlooking the second explosion is the spookiest thing I have ever seen," another person remarked.

Still, not everyone is convinced that the mystery man was involved in the attack. “So there was a man on the building's roof when the first #explosion went off? Grabbing at straws are we? #bostonmarathon,” one user tweeted.

While the FBI and Boston authorities have yet to identity the perpetrators of the bombings, CBS reports that a wounded Saudi national is being held in relation to the incident. Authorities have yet to label the 20-year-old Saudi man as a suspect, referring to him instead as a “person of interest.”