Viewers suspected that NASA concealed an alien or UFO when it cut a live feed of astronauts working outside the International Space Station (ISS).

Some viewers of a live feed from NASA supposedly spotted an alien object in the background. This led to some suspecting that it could be a UFO sighting and it might also be the real reason why NASA scrapped the all-female spacewalk.

NASA recently canceled its all-female spacewalk due to lack of enough spacesuits that fit perfectly for the astronauts. However, since the alleged UFO sighting, people also seem to believe that this may not be the real reason for the cancellation.

Tyler Glockner, the presenter of popular conspiracy channel Secureteam, reported the sighting. He said that such is another example of NASA canceling the live feed following a UFO sighting. According to him, NASA's video feed was relatively stable until the UFO appeared just above the horizon line of the Earth. Glockner added that it might be that communication was delayed and the astronauts did not see, so NASA decided to cut the feed. As soon as the object appeared, the video was cut.

Nigel Watson, UFO expert and author of "UFOs of the First World War," expressed scepticism over the speculation. According to him, the purported UFO was very small and remained visible only for a few seconds. He further explained that such an object could be a point of light reflected in the lens of the camera, a piece of space junk or a human-made satellite.

Watson further challenged Glockner’s speculation saying that the object doesn't look alien or suspicious. He added that the UFO explanation seems more like wishful thinking that showcases the entire thing as a NASA conspiracy to keep the truth about aliens a secret.

"This example is a very tenuous attempt at proving such ideas and doesn't convince me," he added.

NASA clarified previously that the reason for cancelling its historical all-female spacewalk was that correctly sized spacesuits would only be accessible around the time of the walk's schedule. Anne McClain, one of the two women on the mission, previously thought a large-sized suit should be good. However, she eventually realized that medium-sized was better after a spacewalk. McClain would need to let go of her place to make way for a male colleague. Stephanie Schierholz, NASA spokeswoman, explained that it was easier to switch astronauts than reconfigure the spacesuit.