“Nashville” Season 3 episode 4 showed just how different Rayna (Connie Britton) and Jeff (Oliver Hudson) are when it comes to signing artists. Last week, viewers learned that Jeff was in deep trouble with his label. Since taking over Edgehill, he had only signed two successful male artists and he lost Rayna and Juliette -- the two most successful female artists. The fight was on for them to sign Sadie Stone (Laura Benanti).

Rayna finally stepped away from her “Nashville” love triangle drama. While Deacon (Charles Esten) was busy hooking up with back up singer Pam (Brette Taylor), Rayna was getting down to business. Rayna offered Sadie creative control on Highway 65 Records. But Sadie doesn’t just see Rayna as a saleswoman, though. She grew up idolizing her.

Their business meeting went long, so Rayna invited her wedding dress shopping. When they realized paparazzi were waiting for Rayna, they snuck out the back and jumped into Sadie’s Mustang. That still didn’t stop the photographers from following them all over Nashville. They ended up in a car chase to eventually lose the paparazzi.

Of course, Jeff was playing dirty. He went to a benefit for Daphne (Maisy Stella) and Maddie’s (Lennon Stella) school and donated a recording studio. At the silent auction, he decided to buy the Golf with the Mayor of Nashville prize—an afternoon with Rayna’s husband Teddy (Eric Close). Jeff revealed to Teddy that he wanted to put recording studios in every school in Nashville. It was mostly to help fix his image problem, but Teddy was willing to benefit from Jeff’s problem. In fact, Teddy seemed to bond with Jeff.

They talked about Maddie and Daphne’s performing, and Jeff noted that Teddy would be “Public Enemy Number One” as long as he was the parent who valued school over music. He gave Teddy some tickets to Sadie’s concert to give him some brownie points from the girls. Jeff was sure that Sadie was going to announce her upcoming deal with Edgehill Records at the show.

Rayna wanted to talk to Sadie at her sound check, but she got a call from a frantic Juliette (Hayden Panetierre). She was having stomach pains and bleeding and Rayna ditched Sadie to take Juliette to her doctor. She turned out to be fine, but she told Rayna she wanted to give the baby up for adoption.

Juliette recalled Rayna’s advice about kids needing love, and Juliette wasn’t sure she was capable of love. She wanted her child to have a chance at having a loving home, and Rayna said she sounded like a mother already.

Rayna headed back to Sadie’s show after Juliette turned out to be fine, and she got news that Sadie was going to sign with Edgehill. Sadie argued that she didn’t want to be Rayna’s artist. She wanted to be Rayna. Sadie idolized Rayna and wanted a career like that. She thought Edgehill could make it happen because they made it happen for Rayna. The country veteran told Sadie that Edgehill wasn’t a good choice for her as a female. Jeff wasn’t signing women, and he didn’t care about his artists. Rayna also noted that she paved her own way, and Sadie should want to be herself.

It was an argument strong enough for Sadie to change her mind. Despite Jeff standing in the wings, Sadie announced her new deal with Rayna. “I just signed with Rayna Jaymes and Highway 65!” she shouted. The two sang a cover of “Gasoline and Matches” by LeAnn Rimes, Rob Thomas and Jeff Beck to celebrate.

After the show, Jeff confronted Rayna. He needed Sadie, but Rayna stole her. The singer pointed out that this was exactly what Jeff did to her last year with Will Lexington (Chris Carmack). Jeff didn’t care about that.

“From this point on everything and everyone is fair game,” he said.

Rayna was ready for a fight and was confident she could get artists to sign with her. However, she probably wasn’t anticipating Jeff’s next move.

Jeff called the label and said, “I need to know if we can sign a couple of kids to the label with only one parent’s consent.”

He wasn’t the only one trying to work around parental consent. Juliette finally revealed to Emily (Kourtney Hansen) and Glenn (Ed Amatrudo) that she was pregnant. She revealed that she wanted a “reputable and discreet” adoption agency. Glenn told her that it really wasn’t an option without Avery (Jonathan Jackson) signing off because of Tennessee state laws. He found a sketchy adoption agency that was willing to be paid to ignore the law. While it seems like a tough decision, Avery’s drunken arrest didn’t make her feel inclined to tell him about the baby.

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