The Russian invasion into Ukraine could reach a stalemate, according to a senior NATO intelligence official who suggested neither side would back down from the fight.

On Monday, a NATO official told NBC News that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s determination to seize territories combined with Ukraine’s ability to hold off Russian troops could result in an impossible battle.

“If we’re not in a stalemate, we are rapidly approaching one,” the official said. “The reality is that neither side has a superiority over the other.”

The NATO official noted that while it appears Putin has failed to make major progress in Ukraine over the last two weeks, he has shown no signs of pulling Russian troops out of the country.

“The problem with a stalemate is that it’s a long, drawn-out fight,” the NATO official explained. “Won’t they [the Russians] realize that they can’t win? Maybe, but that requires a degree of rationality and a willingness to admit that you haven’t won that there’s no evidence for at this point.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainians have “made very clear they will not give up,” which may make it difficult for Russia to maintain control over captured territories.

“So what happens when you have these two forces, then grinding on each other in this way? The loss of life and the damage is going to be quite severe,” the senior NATO official said. “Neither side here can win. Neither side will capitulate.”

The NATO official’s comments about a possible stalemate come amid reports that peace talks between Russia and Ukraine have yet to make any significant progress.

Negotiations have reportedly been stalled due to various reasons, including Russia accusing Kyiv of making unacceptable proposals, and Ukraine’s refusal to accept Russia’s ultimatums.

The U.S. is also reportedly unsure if there is a designated military commander for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Military experts believe due to the disorganized attacks and lack of coordination between Russian troops there is no top commander, or a leader who is inept has been appointed to the position.

President Joe Biden is expected to meet with world leaders Thursday for a major NATO summit to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian troops are still trying to surround the capital Kyiv in a slow-moving offensive
Russian troops are still trying to surround the capital Kyiv in a slow-moving offensive AFP / Aris Messinis