The video footage captured by the “helmet cams” of the Navy SEALS who conducted the kill operation on Osama bin Laden may be released, a source told ABC News.

Video footage of bin Laden’s sea burial and photos of his corpse may also be released.

So far, there is little available evidence for bin Laden’s death except for the statements of the US government. 

US government officials, however, have good reasons to justify their action.

Their main motivation is to minimize the damage bin Laden can do to the US from his seabed grave. If visual materials of his corpse, kill operation, or burial are released, it might inspire anti-American sentiment and aid Al-Qaeda recruitment, particularly if the materials are gruesome.

According to ABC’s sources, the materials are indeed grisly and has “tempered officials willingness to display” them.

On the other hand, skeptics want proof of bin Laden’s death and certain family members of the victims of 9/11 want to see the materials to receive emotional closure for their loss.