Alex Caruso of the LA Lakers just hinted at becoming LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ next co-star.

The Lakers will be a much different team next season. This summer, Lakers equipped their roster with tremendous amount of talent. Given that James and Davis will be the face of the team, young guard Caruso is also confident he could be a key factor for the team next season.

In his brief talk with Spectrum Sportsnet, Caruso detailed how he would fit in with James and Davis inside the court. According to Caruso, James makes playing basketball “so much easy” for him as “the King” always gets the attention of their opponents. The 25-year-old guard also commended James’ basketball IQ, an attribute which Caruso believes he also possesses.

Coming into next season, Caruso hinted at becoming one of the Laker players James will be working closely with. “I think me and him can tag along in the same aspect. We both understand how to play and we read off each other pretty well,” Caruso said.

As for Davis, Caruso thinks that he will do almost the same thing. Caruso pictured him as James and Davis’ go-to guy whenever the defense puts pressure on them. “Shoot whenever they get doubled and be aggressive,” Caruso said of how he would play with James and Davis next season.

Last season, Caruso had a fair share of in-game highlights. These include some notable dunks he did during games. However, Caruso seems to be not paying much attention on the compliments and focused on just making more improvements.

“Yeah that’s pretty normal for me. It’s kind of just par for the course as far as I’m concerned. But for people who don’t get to see that on such a national scale, yeah, it’s a little different,” Caruso said about his dunks last season.

Caruso also backed Davis’ statement about wanting to win next year’s Defensive Player of the Year award. As per Caruso, Davis is even more capable of winning it and collectively, the Lakers will be solid defensively next season.

“I think this team could be really good defensively. I saw AD make some comments about wanting to be Defensive Player of the Year, and he’s more than capable of that. So I think we have the right guards and the right supporting cast around him to make this a really good defensive team,” Caruso said.

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