Rookie Grant Williams produced a three-pointer, one rebound and one assist over 13 minutes in Boston Celtics' 110-88 win over Cleveland Cavaliers Monday. 

Williams finally clinched the three-pointer in his NBA career having already missed in as many as 25 attempts. Watching the 21-year-old finally do that, the Celtics bench's reaction was hysterical. 

Although the point forward took almost a quarter season to score NBA's most high-value shot, he is still better than Philadelphia 76ers' Ben Simmons, who needed nearly two additional seasons to do so.

Both the players have always struggled to score from behind the arc and since they are a part of the world's best basketball league - NBA -they have faced several jokes for this particular issue of theirs. 

However, there is still a long way to go for Williams, who along with another rookie Carson Edwards are struggling to find their roles for Celtics. After Monday's win, Celtics are unbeaten (10-0) at home this season. With a 17-5 record, they are currently in second place in the Eastern Conference behind leaders Milwaukee Bucks, who have a record of 21-3. 

Celtics were boosted with the return of the forward Gordon Hayward, who had been out of action due to a broken hand. He produced an excellent performance as he secured 14 points and showed he was all set to make up for the lost time.

He received a fine treatment from the fans. They gave Hayward a standing ovation when the forward was introduced. He got his first basket on a fast-break layup nearly halfway into the first quarter. He claimed his first rebound and effected an assist on Jayson Tatum's 3-pointer from the left-wing and all this happened in just the first four and a half minutes of action.

Hayward finished with five rebounds and four assists in 26 minutes as Celtics had an easy win. 

Next on the roster for Celtics are the Indiana Pacers as the Boston boys are set to travel to Downtown Indianapolis. While Celtics are coming off a superb win, Pacers suffered a 99-110 loss to Los Angeles Clippers at home Monday.