• Michael Jordan's "The Last Dance" reignited his beef with Isaiah Thomas and Reggie Miller
  • Clyde Drexler still hasn't watched a single episode of "The Last Dance"
  • Drexler thinks neither Jordan nor LeBron James is the real GOAT

An NBA legend still hasn’t watched a single episode of Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance.”

Jordan’s thoughts about his past rivals were finally revealed in the 10-part documentary “The Last Dance.” His beef with NBA Hall of Famers such as Isaiah Thomas and Reggie Miller was somewhat reignited. However, another one of Jordan’s bitter rivals, Clyde Drexler, has expressed his thoughts about battling MJ in a very special way.

NBC Sports recently reported that Drexler still hasn’t seen “The Last Dance,” probably even until the day the article was published. In a recent interview with “The A-Team with Wexler & Clanton,” the NBA legend candidly discussed his thoughts about Jordan and the aspects of being a basketball player that were shown in the documentary.

In the documentary, Jordan notably said, “Clyde was a threat. But me being compared to him, I took offense to that.”

Drexler fired back, emphasizing that at the time, the game was played by “real men” and it was totally understandable if they hated each other. However, the former Trail Blazers star said that as time went by, these players should have learned how to show some “love and respect” towards one another. And since Drexler still hasn’t watched a single episode of “The Last Dance,” he just hoped Jordan was able to do that in the documentary.

“That’s Michael’s documentary, of course, obviously it’s going to be from his perspective,” Drexler said.

“In that era, there were nothing but men, real men who played. And a lot of times guys didn’t like each other from other teams. But as you get older, you gotta get beyond all of that and show some love and some respect for the people you played with and against, and I hope Michael is able to do that in this documentary,” he added.

Even more interesting is that Drexler has unique thoughts about the NBA GOAT. According to the 57-year-old, he has “a real problem” with people only mentioning MJ and LeBron James in the greatest of all time debate. Drexler certainly thinks that Jordan and James were tremendously great players, but there is an array of NBA greats who should be included in the list.

“Are these two guys (MJ and LeBron) the GOAT, when you got Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, two of the greatest players to ever live. I think you start with those two. And then you’ve got guys like Dr. J, Larry Bird, George Gervin, Elgin Baylor, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, all those guys are in the conversation. And so for people to bring this up today, to me, it’s just unbelievable,” Drexler pointed out.