• Reggie Miller said he didn't want to watch Michael Jordan's "The Last Dance"
  • Miller revealed why he would never bow down to Jordan
  • Miller was reportedly insulted when Jordan said fighting him is like chicken-fighting a woman

NBA legend Reggie Miller revealed why he wouldn’t bow down to Michael Jordan in an interview following “The Last Dance” docuseries.

ESPN already aired the first two episodes of MJ’s “The Last Dance.” The ten-part series was originally scheduled to air during the NBA Finals in June but was pushed up two months to fill the void in the sports calendar created by the coronavirus global crisis. The decision turned out to be a great idea as millions of viewers tuned to watch it. However, one of Jordan’s most notable rivals Miller was not one of them.

In a recent phone interview with “The Dan Patrick Show,” Miller said that he was not coming for the said show, he wouldn’t have watched the first two episodes of “The Last Dance.”

The legendary sharpshooter further explained that he was “not hating on MJ” but “it’s more out of hurtful respect.” Miller also noted that he didn’t need to watch the docuseries in order to recall his good and bad memories with his bitter rival.

“For those of us who actually lived it and played against him, trying to compete with him, didn’t need to watch the doc to know. It brings back a lot of good and bad memories of going against that dude,” Miller said of Jordan.

As an obvious part of the deal, ESPN and the NBA needed Jordan’s approval before interviewing anybody for the said documentary. Reading between the lines, Jordan approved Miller’s interview but the Pacers legend insisted that he never wanted to be a part of it. However, everybody in the NBA started telling him that he needed to do it.

“I tried to fight it. I didn’t want to do it. I had everybody from the league office saying you need to be a part of this,” Miller admitted.

Miller went on to talk about why he, unlike other players and Jordan’s past rivals, would never hail Jordan as the GOAT. According to the 54-year-old, he was just not the type of player who would “bow down” to anybody.

“I was never on the same footing as MJ but I loved the battles. And I know a lot of players that I have played against, they would bow down to him and that just was not going to be me. It was not in my nature to do that,” Miller revealed.

Previous reports claim that Jordan and Miller’s relationship was scarred by MJ’s comments after a game. Apparently, Miller was insulted when Jordan said fighting him was like “chicken-fighting with a woman.”

Reggie Miller Michael Jordan Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan show each other respect after Wizards vs. Pacers game Photo: Getty Images / NBA Photos