• Michael Jordan admitted that he's only number 2 compared to his older brother Larry
  • MJ wasn't even the best basketball player in their house
  • MJ would forget he's a superstar whenever Larry is around

Michael Jordan revealed the only basketball player he couldn’t beat.

In almost every sport, a superstar athlete eventually meets a nemesis who can exceed what they have accomplished in their career. In fact, even Jordan, who is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, also admitted that there was a player who was always been better than him.

In a recent report from, it was revealed that the only basketball player Jordan couldn’t beat is his older brother Larry. As bizarre as it sounds, Jordan was indeed once schooled by his 5-foot-8 brother.

Back in Laney High School, it was Larry who was the star of the school’s varsity team and not Michael. Their father James even admitted that it was Larry who had a real basketball talent and MJ wasn’t even the best basketball player in his house.

Following ESPN’s 10-part Jordan docuseries “The Last Dance,” Team Flight Brothers recently uploaded a short video clip showing Larry’s incredible basketball skills. In the video, Larry could be seen showing up on his younger brother Michael, who was already at his prime form at the time the video was shot. The older Jordan even performed some of his high-flying dunks in front of Michael.

Jordan admitted in the video that Larry was the original Air Jordan saying: “He’s the Air Jordan. I’m number 2 he’s 1,” Michael said of his older brother Larry.

Although he never played in the NBA, Larry was always a gifted athlete and basketball player. He taught MJ a lot about the game and helped developed the competitiveness which Michael carried on throughout his entire NBA career.

It wasn’t until late in high school that Michael started to really compete with Larry’s abilities. Being a much taller player, Michael became more successful than Larry and eventually turned pro. Nevertheless, Michael always looked up to his brother and has been known to wish he could be half the player Larry is.

David Hart, a North Carolina team manager , described the relationship of Michael and Larry back in 2009. According to Hart, Michael would forget that he’s a superstar whenever Larry is around.

“Michael really loved Larry and talked about him all the time – really revered him. But if Michael had gone far beyond Larry as an athlete, he never let it affect his feeling for his brother – his emotional connection and his respect for his brother were very strong. When his brother was around, he dropped all his mounting fame and his accomplishments and became nothing more than a loving, adoring younger brother,” Hart said.

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