A New York-native rapper shared how he knew that a former New York Knicks sensation wasn’t really meant for New York.

For an unknown reason, some of the biggest names in Hip-hop industry have shared their thoughts about sports, particularly the NBA these past few days. After Grammy award winner Lil’ Wayne just predicted that LeBron James will dominate next season, Miami-native rapper Rick Ross followed up with his revelations about who Dwayne Wade is in the city of Miami.

Prior to that, a New York-based rapper named Action Bronson also happened to share his own thoughts about the NBA. In an exclusive phone interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Bronson unveiled an interesting story about former New York Knicks sensation Kristaps Porzingis.

According to Bronson, he was glad that Porzingis finally parted ways with the Knicks because he knew that the 24-year-old NBA rising star just wasn’t made for New York.

“Just, you could tell with certain guys they just don’t have it in ‘em. He didn’t have New York in him, man. I knew somebody that sold this brother weed, and from what I heard, he didn’t have it in ‘em,” Bronson revealed.

Aside from the assessment that Porzingis did not have what it takes to be a New York Knick, Bronson also mocked Porzingis after hearing about the former Knicks star’s rumored “Diva” attitude.

"I could have told you that from his haircut, and just you know, the texture of his skin on his face; like baby skin. Like, you know he uses lots of products," Bronson said.

Although satisfied with the fact that Porzingis is now officially out of New York, the American rapper admitted that the current Knicks team isn’t a good team. As per Bronson, the Knicks are the losers in the deals they have done this summer but he is hopeful that in time, the Knicks will finally rise again.

“I’ve learned to embrace. The Knicks will be bad. It’s unfortunate, but I’m waiting to just explode with joy. You can’t have pleasure without so much pain. And when they are finally amazing, and they’re good, oh man, will I feel so good, finally,” Bronson said.

Latest about Porzingis and Knicks state that the Knicks did not regret trading him to Dallas Mavericks on January 31. Reports also claimed that Porzingis, along with his brother and agent Janis didn’t want to remain with the Knicks despite all attempts to make him stay, New York Post reported.

Kristaps Porzingis Knicks 2015-16
Knicks forward and Rookie of the Year frontrunner Kristaps Porzingis has the fourth-highest selling jersey in the NBA this season. Getty Images