• The Warriors are optimistic about having Klay Thompson back against the Cavs on Sunday
  • Draymond Green makes a bold claim about Thompson's return
  • Dubs coach Steve Kerr details how he will play the All-Star shooting guard in his comeback

A new drama is looming as Klay Thompson nears his Golden State Warriors return.

After Thompson stressed that he is eyeing to make his comeback in front of the Warriors home crowd, recent reports stated that he could finally make his debut this season against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday, January 9 at Chase Center.

At this point, having Thompson back is good news, but according to Warriors veteran Draymond Green, “some” of the key players in the current squad will surely be “upset” when coach Steve Kerr changes the rotation for the All-Star shooting guard.

"You feel it," Green told NBC Sports about the impending rotation change when Thompson returns. "There are no idiots on this team, as you can see in our play. Guys understand what's ahead. I think as a leader, there will be a time when you have to step in and, more importantly, keep guys' spirits up. You don't play this week with the guys we have if guys aren't competitors and if guys don't want to play and want to be out there.”

"There's going to be some pissed-off guys because you want to be out there regardless if Klay Thompson is back," he added. "As a leader, you appreciate that. I don't want a guy on the team who is OK with sitting on the bench. If there is a guy on the team who is just OK with sitting on the bench, when his opportunity comes, he won't be ready. So there are some guys going to be upset.”

Klay Thompson #11of the Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson #11of the Golden State Warriors Getty Images | Ezra Shaw

Lifting the lid on his claim, Green stressed that contrary to what many will view it, players being upset about the situation is a positive response.

"And there should be some guys that are upset,” the three-time All-Star pointed out. “Not upset because you are a better player than Klay Thompson, but because you put the work in and you want to play. That's the nature of what we do. As a leader, you have to make sure that that upsetness is bottled up and it works for you as opposed to working against us. I think that's the biggest thing for us."

Meanwhile, Kerr had provided a detailed hint at how he will play Thompson in his return.

As per Kerr, Thompson will definitely “start” but is likely to play for only “15 to 20 minutes” in his first game.