• Paul Mokeski believes the Lakers are paying the price for signing Russell Westbrook
  • The former NBA player feels Klay Thompson would have been a better fit
  • The Lakers will have to find ways to address the Westbrook situation

Russell Westbrook continues to make headlines with most under the impression that the 2017 NBA MVP is likely to be traded by February 10.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. With a huge amount of money tied to the nine-time All-Star, teams are likely to pass off and check on other talents that cost less.

Hence, it appears that the Lakers will have to find ways to make it work with Westbrook moving forward..

One person who feels it was an odd fit is former NBA player Paul Mokeski.

The 62-year-old--who spent several seasons in the NBA mostly with the Milwaukee Bucks--believes that the Lakers made a bad move from the very first day the Lakers signed Westbrook.

“From day one when they made that move, my opinion was that it was putting a square peg in a round hole. He doesn’t fit. He is not gonna fit and will never fit,” Mokeski told the International Business Times.

However, the 7-foot former cager and coach hailed Westbrook for his toughness and being a competitor before pointing out flaws in his game such as poor passing and prone to committing errors.

“Russell Westbrook is a strong guard, really tough and plays hard all the time and I like that – go to the basket and create contact finish, great competitor. But… a below-average passer turns the ball over too much, can’t shoot. He may couple of threes in a row but then he is going to shoot ten more and miss them,” the California native explained.

Singling out shooting, Mokeski mentioned Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors would have been a better fit.

Although Westbrook has better numbers, Mokeski stressed that Thompson is the type of player who can complement James and Davis.

“How much better would the Lakers be if they switched out Russell Westbrook with Klay Thompson? I mean, Westbrook’s numbers are better than Klay’s but look at the type of player he is? It must fit,” said Mokeski, who ended his career with the Warriors in 1991.

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, it may take much to move Westbrook.

Mokeski believes the Lakers are in a bad situation and that the wrong decision of taking in Westbrook is now showing.

“They're stuck, they made that commitment. And once they made that commitment, their three players 'Davis, James and Westbrook)–they take up 80% of the Lakers’ salary. Between them, you make $100 million. So you’re stuck with what you have and that never fit. It’s really coming to show now,” he asserted.

 Russell Westbrook #0 of the Los Angeles Lakers
Russell Westbrook #0 of the Los Angeles Lakers Getty Images | Meg Oliphant