• LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart got into each other's face after the latter was bloodied by a hit from the four-time league MVP
  • Stewart repeatedly came after James despite Pistons personnel pulling him away
  • James' first ejection came in 2017 after getting into the face of referee Kane Fitzgerald, demanding a foul be called

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James received the second ejection of his career after getting into a heated altercation with Detroit Pistons big man Isaiah Stewart.

The fight began after Jerami Grant made his second free throw attempt, with James throwing an errant elbow right into the face of Stewart as he was trying to free himself from the box out early in the third quarter.

In full recognition of what had just happened, James went up to Stewart to apologize, but the big man was not having any of it.

The remaining eight players on the court as well as the referees and coaching staff on both sides immediately went up to break up the two men.

Stewart was visibly irate and furious with James’ actions, repeatedly coming after “The King” despite being held back by multiple personnel.

The 20-year-old big man from Rochester, New York had blood streaming from his eyebrow, leaving half of his face in a crimson mask as Pistons staff tried to calm him down.

Stewart seemed as if he was set to go back to the bench and await the official announcement of his ejection, but he broke away from those who were diffusing the situation, including rookie guard Cade Cunningham.

Doing his best NFL running back impression, Stewart bulldozed his way through those who would dare to get in between him and confronting James.

By this point, James had already been separated from the pack and stayed on the far side of the court.

Fans and viewers at home were immediately treated to flashbacks of 2004’s Malice at the Palace and the Pistons PA announcer repeatedly told the crowd to stay in their seats.

Both players were ejected as James was assessed a flagrant-two violation for the elbow and Stewart was handed two technical fouls for his actions.

Russell Westbrook also received a technical foul for his part in the fight by trying to square up against Stewart.

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya was certainly intrigued by the fight and had commented emojis of popcorn buckets on an Instagram video of the incident.

James received his first-ever ejection back in 2017 after referee Kane Fitzgerald missed a foul call, and he went up to him with visible frustration.

The NBA is expected to release a verdict soon on whether one or both of James and Stewart will be suspended because of what had happened.

The Pistons blew a 15-point lead going into the fourth quarter as the Lakers escaped with a 121-116 victory.

View the altercation in its entirety below.